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I have a ForEach loop for importing all available tables in source connection. I am using following user variables for this:

  • OracleTables of type System.Object for holding all tables from oracle DB
  • TableName for enumerating OracleTables of type String
  • set of Boolean variables (e.g. Enable_TABLENAME) one for each table to hold whether that table is to be imported or not.

Now, I want to configure the DataFlow task inside ForEach loop to run iff the value of corresponsing table variable if true. Basically, I want something like:

!@[User::Enable_@[User::TableName]] for Disable property of DataFlow task.

that is, I want to get the Boolean table variable for for current table held by TableName variable.

How can I achive this? Or else, is there any better way to do this? Any pointers would be really helpful.

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@Siva I am following your answer to a post "…; with some modifications. – Agent007 Feb 7 '13 at 14:01

You can use ForEach Item Ennumerator (you can define your Items in the editor itself) or NodeList Ennumerator (and have your values in an XML file) or ADO.Net Ennumerator ( have your values coming from a SQL table instead).

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