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I'm currently developing a Windows Phone 7.5 application, in this app I need to search and show on a map the local business structure like restaurant using the geolocation, I've searched on the web and I've found Windows Azure Marketplace, I'm trying to use the BingSearchContainer API, I follow the FAQ, but I can't show the retrieved data. I create the class BingSearchData where I connect to the bingsearch and I submit the query:

    public class BingSearchData
          private Uri serviceUri;
          private BingSearchContainer context;
          IList<WebResult> ris;
          public BingSearchData()
               serviceUri = new Uri("https://api.datamarket.azure.com/Bing/Search/v1/");
               context = new BingSearchContainer(serviceUri);
               context.IgnoreMissingProperties = true;
               context.Credentials = new NetworkCredential(myCredentials,myCredentials);

    // -- public method that returns a list of web data
    public IList<WebResult> GetWebData()
        var query = context.Web("'xbox'", null, null, "it-IT", "Strict", null, null,null);
        query.BeginExecute(OnWebSearchCompleted, query);
        return ris;

    private void OnWebSearchCompleted(IAsyncResult result)
        ris = new List<WebResult>();
        var query = result.AsyncState as DataServiceQuery<WebResult>;
        IEnumerable<WebResult> response = query.EndExecute(result);
        foreach (WebResult web in response)

The problem is on the "OnWebSearchCompleted", the variable "ris" is empty, and I don't understand why! Where I get wrong?

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I think I've got to use the Dispatcher object, is it right? –  Bonch Feb 9 '13 at 15:39
I self answer, it's right using the Dispatcher.BeginInvoke() –  Bonch Feb 17 '13 at 17:10

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