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I am trying to create variable name from lists in R, but am struggling!

What I would ultimately like to do is to use previously created lists to create a formula for a multiple linear regression, whereby each value within the list will identify one of the explanatory variables of the regression formula.

I am starting with x lists of variable lengths (GoodModels_LMi, where i goes from 1 to x) and use each list to create a separate formula.

for (i in 1:x){
    lm(formula created from appropriate list)

The lists correspond to variable numbers to be chosen from a data matrix (AllData). So for example if:


I would like my regression formula to be:


I have been trying to use as.formula() and paste() to achieve this, however, I am not sure how to create the second part of my formula.


I know that this below is not right, but is as close as I have come:


I have also looked into assign(), but have not succeeded as the value argument was the same as the x argument.

Thanks very much for any help with this!


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Your formula should contain the column names, not the actual data. Here is a small demo using iris.

Imagine you want to run a regression using columns 2, 4, and 5 from iris. First, construct a formula using paste():

vars <- c(2, 4, 5)
frm <- paste("Sepal.Length ~ ", paste(names(iris)[vars], collapse=" + "))

"Sepal.Length ~  Sepal.Width + Petal.Width + Species"

So, the object frm is a string containing a formula that you can pass to lm():

lm(frm, iris)
lm(formula = frm, data = iris)

      (Intercept)        Sepal.Width        Petal.Width  
           2.5211             0.6982             0.3716  
Speciesversicolor   Speciesvirginica  
           0.9881             1.2376  
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Thanks for the help. I have tried this out, but I still have problems with the second part of my formula that is now completely blank: frm<-paste("AllData[,",i,"[~",paste(names(AllData[,paste("GoodModels_LM",i,sep="‌​")],collapse="+")) For i = 1, this returns: [1] "AllData[,1]~ " –  Olivia Feb 7 '13 at 13:13

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