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I have a python function that returns

def edit_user(request):
    error  = False
    errMsg = ""

    id = int(request.POST.get("add_user"))
    if config.editUser(id) != True
        error = True
        errMsg =  _('Failed to edit existing user.')

    return [error, errMsg]

I'm calling this function from another python function.

How do I get these two return values, (error and errMsg) into two separate variables?

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Like this: error, errMsg = edit_user(request).

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Just assign the results to a list or tuple:

error,errMsg = edit_user(...)
(error,errMsg) = edit_user(...)
[error,errMsg] = edit_user(...)

The first syntax is the most preferable.

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Hui Zheng is right - error, errMsg = edit_user(request) will do it.

The process is called unpacking and can be used to unpack complicated data structures (see this SO question for another example, and have a look at the python docs for more info).

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Just to add to other answers: there's no reason to make a list here at all. Just do this:

return error, errMsg
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