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I'm looking a way to:

  • hide title on the HTML page result
  • show title on the highcharts graph when I export it (PDF,PNG,JPEG or print)

I don't know how to proceed. There is someone able to help me?

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You can define this parameter in exporting.

                title: {
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it's working ! thanks you ! – user2050723 Feb 8 '13 at 8:43
This doesn't work in your fiddle. The chart is exported with no title. – Robb Vandaveer May 16 '13 at 18:53
Which browser do you use? – Sebastian Bochan May 17 '13 at 8:14
Thanks for this answer! But it doesn't seem to be working for printing, only for export to file. Is there a way to get it to work for printing as well? – BBlake Jul 22 '13 at 14:16
Unforunately not possible, you can consider how to prepare custom print function in javascript, and then call in menu items. – Sebastian Bochan Jul 22 '13 at 14:37

put this function in your document ready function below is a code for changing highcharts print prototype and just for the patch or to make it work put rangeSelector option in your exporting and set it to false as mentioned below you can set it to your needs in future

     Highcharts.wrap(Highcharts.Chart.prototype, 'print', function (proceed) {

                    var applyMethod = function (whatToDo, margin) {
                    this.extraTopMargin = margin;
                    this.setSize(this.container.clientWidth , this.container.clientHeight , false);

                    this.setTitle(null, { text: 'SET TITLE HERE' :'});

                    $.each(this.rangeSelector.buttons, function (index, button) {
                if (this.rangeSelector) {
                    var extraMargin = this.extraTopMargin;
                    applyMethod.apply(this, ['hide', null]);
                    var returnValue =;
                    applyMethod.apply(this, ['show', extraMargin]);
                    this.setTitle(null, { text: '' });
                } else {
                    this.setTitle(null, { text: '' });
                }                       }


and in chart option set this (change it according to you need to, i am just putting my code for reference )

     exporting: {
            scale: 1,
            sourceWidth: 1600,
            sourceHeight: 900,

            chartOptions: {
                rangeSelector: {
                    enabled: false
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