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I am making a form and using jQuery validation plugin

The user has to add at least 1 'tag' to the form before it can be validated. I add the 'tags' using a div. This is my code

        rules: {
            tags: {
                    required: function(element) {
                        return ($('.tag').length);
            name: "required",
            "checkbox[]": "required",

        messages: {
            tags: "No tags found",
            name: "input name!",
            "checkbox[]": "select at least 1 category",



It gives the error even if the div exists sadly. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance! Resin

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Please show the HTML that goes along with this. – Sparky Feb 7 '13 at 16:21
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Seems that I found a way to do it.

I just added an input to my div and refered to it instead, and also i changed

return ($('.tag').length);

to this

return $(".tag").length == 0;
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Title: jQuery validation plugin - check if div exist

It's not working because a div is not an input element. Please see the documentation for full proper usage.

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