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I am working on a Rails 2.3.9 application . I need to pass a class to the options. The way i am doing is

<%= select(:resporg, "hresporg_#{row_id}",options_for_select(["Item11",["Item 2", {:class => 'has-versions'}]]), {}, {:multiple => true})%>


<select id="resporg_hresporg_1" name="resporg[hresporg_1][]" multiple="multiple">
<option value="Item11">Item11</option>
<option value="classhas-versions">Item 2</option>

If you check the above output the class is coming as value. Any idea on what is going wrong?

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According to this,

['display','value',:class => 'option_class']

will produce

<option value="value" class="option_class">display</option>

So in your case, I would try this:

["Item 2", "Item2", :class => 'has-versions']
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It's for >= v3.0.0.. Rails 3 it work's fine... i am working on rails 2.3.9 . I can't update rails – AnkitG Feb 7 '13 at 14:11
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I have to manually do it because of the constraint. That this is valid for rails >= 3.0.0

In the template.html.erb

<select style="width:160px !important;" id="resporg_hresporg_1" name="resporg[hresporg_1][]" multiple="multiple">
      <%= opts %>

In the helper

def opts
    str = ''.html_safe
    ['Item1','Item2'].each { |val| str << content_tag(:option, val, :value => val,:class => val.eql?('Item2') ? "MyClass" : nil) }
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