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I wondering how to upload a video using Facebook API with Tizen application which is developed in HTML5. Can any one say how to integrate..?

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The code inside the widget should be like any other JavaScript implementation of a video upload to Facebook for an example see: Facebook video upload via Graph API Javascript SDK

The only caveat should be that any resource that it is accessed outside should be declared(see Accessing External Network Resources):

You cannot access external network resources by default (WARP: W3C Access Requests Policy). So, you must request permissions for the widget to retrieve network resources. You can enter several URLs by using the Add button on the Access tab. For each URL, you can indicate if you want to allow the widget to access the URL sub-domains. The Allow subdomain column contents can be toggled by mouse clicks.

so it cannot work without having access to the resource needed in our case defined in config.xml:

<access origin="https://graph.facebook.com/USER_ID/videos" subdomains="true"/>
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