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Im trying to install throu yeoman, it loads sockets just fine when then I guess it tries to load up the dependencies and it can't find them and gives me fatal error ws not found (for the ws package). It's trying to fetch from theses urls:


and it's cant find the links to GIT. i've tried to load the addresses but there is no response from the server.

Any idea how I can fix that problem?


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up vote 0 down vote accepted is not a valid Bower component. I've request it be removed from the registry.

It's a component component, not a Bower component. (confusing, I know...).

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AH ok, thanks for that mate. But here is what Im trying to achieve. I need to use Node.js and for my project but I'd also like to use the scafolding provided by yeoman. And while the yeoman server runs I want to update even the app.js file when I modify it. Is that possible? – Got The Fever Media Feb 7 '13 at 23:36
It might, but will be hard. We've made it much easier in Yeoman 1.0 which is imminent. – Sindre Sorhus Feb 7 '13 at 23:53

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