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I need to generate XML using ox but didn't get much help from the documentation. I need to generate XML like this:

      <JobTitle><cdata>Programmer Analyst 3-IT</cdata></JobTitle>
      <CountryCode><cdata>US</cdata>   </CountryCode>
      <JobDescription><cdata>class technology to develop.</cdata></JobDescription>             

I have the data inside the tags as strings in variables like this:

jobtitle = "Programmer Analyst 3-IT" and so on...

I am currently using Nokogiri to generate XML but I need to work on large data, and, for the performance sake I am moving to Ox.

Any ideas on how to do this?

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The performance of Ox is impressive. –  Mark Thomas Feb 8 '13 at 2:07
Ox is very performant, but I've noticed it is missing some of the features of heavier weight libraries like Nokogiri. This might have been purposeful by design though. –  Josh Voigts Feb 8 '13 at 2:26

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It's pretty simple, you just initialize new elements and append them to other elements. Unfortunately there isn't an XML builder in the Ox library though... Here's an example:

require 'ox'
include Ox

source = Document.new

jobpostings = Element.new('Jobpostings')
source << jobpostings

postings = Element.new('Postings')
jobpostings << postings

posting = Element.new('Posting')
postings << posting

jobtitle = Element.new('JobTitle')
posting << jobtitle
jobtitle << CData.new('Programmer Analyst 3-IT')

location = Element.new('Location')
posting << location
location << CData.new('Romania,Bucharest...')

countrycode = Element.new('CountryCode')
posting << countrycode
countrycode << CData.new('US')
countrycode << '   '

jobdescription = Element.new('JobDescription')
posting << jobdescription
jobdescription << CData.new('class technology to develop.')

puts dump(source)


        <![CDATA[Programmer Analyst 3-IT]]>
        <![CDATA[US]]>   </CountryCode>
        <![CDATA[class technology to develop.]]>
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