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I'm trying to do a proof of concept using SubSonic 3 but Sstraight away i'm hitting numerous errors with the generation. I started making alterations to the generator settings but that seems a little odd when I'm just trying to do a simple one to one mapping of my DB.

Firstly I found an SP that had @delagate as an SP parameter name, this was easily fixed, but should probably be in the standard templates as a user shouldn't have to make template changes for this simple an issue.

Next I found that the system choked on two tables and tried to create signatures the same the tables where Field Fields

now i know SubSonix 2 had a fixPluralClassName property but buggered if I can find one in the template for SubSonic 3

Any help on that one will get me started

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It would help if you indicated what template set you were using. –  womp Sep 25 '09 at 2:55
Sorry DB is MS SQL 2008 so Sql template generating into c# –  cdmdotnet Sep 25 '09 at 3:20
I've also found a few areas where : if the column is referenced with an "X" suffix then not all refernces to it are correctly suffixed with "X" IE ActiveRecord.tt has if (tbl.ClassName == col.CleanName) { col.CleanName += "X"; } but lacks the same for the follow usages public object KeyValue(){ return this.<#=tbl.PK.CleanName#>; } public override int GetHashCode() { return this.<#=tbl.PK.CleanName #>; } and several others this comment doesn't have room for –  cdmdotnet Sep 25 '09 at 5:38

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Generally 'X' and 'Datum' type appendages/substitutions happen when you have used a 'reserved' word in a column or table name. In this case 'Reserved' being a word that Subsonic doesn't like to use for data objects.

A couple of rules I follow are;

  1. Ensure both table names and column names are not 'reserved' words (ie 'Data' or 'Int' or 'Table')
  2. Ensure that each table has a primary key
  3. Don't use date and time column types as they are not supported yet (DateTime is, just not Date and Time types)
  4. Don't have a column with the same name as the table

The Subsonic FAQ might be helpful.

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