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I want to be able to log out all logged in users programmatically. How do you force logout all users on some event?

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Answer describes how to get information about active sessions only but doesn't describe how to invalidate them. – gstackoverflow Sep 8 at 14:44
@gstackoverflow - the answer says to call expireNow() on the active sessions to cause the logout. Are you looking for something else? – Neil Smithline Sep 11 at 13:59
@Neil Smithline answer silent about how to get this session. Thus answer is uncomplete and therefore not accepted by author – gstackoverflow Sep 11 at 14:02

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First define HttpSessionEventPublisher in web.xml


Then define <session-management> in your spring security.xml file.

Now, use SessionRegistry in your controller method to invalidate all sessions. Below code retrieves all active sessions.

List<SessionInformation> activeSessions = new ArrayList<SessionInformation>();
    for (Object principal : sessionRegistry.getAllPrincipals()) {
        for (SessionInformation session : sessionRegistry.getAllSessions(principal, false)) {

On Each active session, you can call expireNow() method to expire or invalidate them.

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@Maksym Demidas How can I get Session by SessionInformation ? – gstackoverflow Sep 8 at 14:34
Answer describes how to get information about active sessions only but doesn't describe how to invalidate them. – gstackoverflow Sep 8 at 14:44
@gstackoverflow there is no way to get Session by SessionInformation in Servlet API (and for a good reason - it is not a safe operation). If you really need it you can try to do a workaround manually (something like this) – Maksym Demidas Sep 9 at 13:37
@Maksym Demidas Actually I searched following information: – gstackoverflow Sep 9 at 15:37

Ketan gives you the answer that you are looking for, if you change the second for block and use session.expireNow(); instead activeSessions.add(session); you will end up with all active sessions expired.

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where can I find session? – gstackoverflow Sep 9 at 14:12
if you read carefully Ketan's sample code, you will find that session is obtained from sessionRegistry.getAllSessions method. – malaguna Sep 10 at 9:48
please be attentive and see return type carefully – gstackoverflow Sep 10 at 9:57
What return type did you mean? getAllSessions returns a List<SessionInformation> and on SessionInformation you can expire a session using expireNow() method. – malaguna Sep 10 at 10:15
you are wrong. sessionInformation doesn't have access to session – gstackoverflow Sep 10 at 10:20

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