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Has anyone managed to develop a top down web service (WSDL first) and deployed to Google App Engine. The example given at is a bottom up approach.

I've used Apache CXF to generate Java web service stubs from a WSDL, bundled in the app engine libraries and xml config files, but no joy. I see an java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/management/JMException in the App Engine logs when initialising the CXFServlet, which is pretty nasty. ClassNotFoundException I could maybe do something about, but NoClassDefFoundError is indicative of a class that was available at compile time that is not available at runtime. JMException is a JDK class, so I would expect it to be available.

I'm not so bothered in fixing the Exception, I'm more interested in whether anyone has a proof of concept for a top down web service in Java on GAE

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Hmm. I ended up doing a workaround. I used Red Hat's OpenShift instead, with a 'diy' install of Tomcat. I'm still interested if anyone has managed to develop a wsdl driven java web service on GAE – Chris Feb 8 '13 at 16:27

I also read the article you mentioned, as well as this exercise: Code Lab Exercise 5: SOAP Web Services

What I understood from those two sources (and some others) is, that the top down / contract first approach is currently not supported by GAE for building WS-servers (while building WS-clients using jax-ws is supported).

At least thats how I understand those statements:

Starting in release 1.4.2 of Google App Engine, it is possible to use java.xml.soap and JAX-B to build a SOAP server, and to use JAX-WS to build a SOAP client on App Engine. [...]

As of version 1.4.2 Google App Engine does not support the use of JAX-WS in a SOAP server. (It is supported in a SOAP client.) As we'll see below, in order to complete the SOAP server we will have to directly use javax.xml.soap and JAX-B. 2


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