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What i am searching for is a method that will allow me to download an image in the browser of the user to be used latter. The image will be activated on a mouse over (hover) event. The thing is that i don't want to download the image only when the user is hovering because it creates a bad effect. It must be downloaded when the site is loading.

Any suggestions ?

[edit] Thank you for the suggestions! I can't believe I omitted the evident solution and searched for complicated answers.

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Use something like:

<img src="myImage.jpg" class="hidden" />

And set the display to none for the class .hidden in your CSS. It'll then be downloaded and won't be shown.

Then when you come to use the image it'll already be on the client.

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A common way of doing this kind of image "preload" is by the use of the JavaScript Image object.

var i = new Image;
i.onload = function() {
  console.log("Image: " + this.src + " loaded");
i.src = 'uri/to/file';
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What you are looking for is called pre-loader. You have two options, you can do it per CSS (tutorial), or per JavaScript (tutorial). One of these solutions should give you the result you are looking for.

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Check this Preloading Images in web page

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just put all your images in a hidden div. The images will be automatically loaded and cached in the browser. So when you will load the image again on a mouseove , no "bad effect" will be created

 <div style="display:none;">
          <img src="url"  />
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