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im trying to play sounds in a windows 8 phone html app with cordova phonegap 2.3.0 - any ideas how to do that? - all the scripts on the phonegap website are not working. im testing on a htc 8s windows phone,

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First, here is the working sample. In VS 2012, create a new app from the "CordovaWP8App_2_3_0_Full" template and this add code to index.js, inside onDeviceReady after app.receivedEvent('deviceready');:

var media = new Media(
    function() {
        document.querySelector(".app").innerHTML = "Media success";                
    function(error) {
        // NOTE: not firing, instead "Unhandled Media.onStatus :: 9" in Output window
        document.querySelector(".app").innerHTML = "Media error code " + error.code;
    function(arg) {
        document.querySelector(".app").innerHTML = "Media status changed to " + arg;


I ran it in the Emulator, it has been displaying "status 1" for approx 15 seconds (probably downloading the whole file), then started playing.

I have not tried it on a real device.

As you can see, I use audio from the URL. If you try plaing local audio file, make sure it has Build action set to "Content". Also, there might be some limitations (have not checked it) like you can play files only from the Web or from the isolated storage.

If my sample works for you, then you can start experimenting further. Hope it helped.

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thanks for the answer! i had no time to implement or test for the published app, but i try to implement sound for the update and write the feedback if it works here / and paste my final code version:-) –  ralphb Feb 18 '13 at 20:52

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