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I have a search query that is displayed in a sub form that is in datasheet view.

When selecting a record from this subform, I need to have users click a button (for tracking purposes) to access the record's data on other parts of the form. Currently, the Access Record Button is set to enabled = true when the query runs (via a submit button).

The problem with this is that if a search yields no results, the access record button is still click-able and tries to access a record that doesn't exist; giving me: "Run-time error 2427: You entered an expression that has no value"

Is there a way to disable that button if the query returns no results or if no record is selected?

EDIT: Code for the button at this point.

Private Sub cmdSubmit_Click()
Me!SearchResults.Form.RecordSource = "qryPendingCriteriaCIP"
Me!SearchResults.Form.Visible = True

If Forms!frm_SearchMulti!SearchResults.Form.RecordCount > 0 Then

Me.cmdExport.Enabled = True
Me.SearchResults.Enabled = True

Me.cmdPass.Enabled = True
Exit Sub
End If

End Sub
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Is the button on the main form and do you mean you wish to check that there are records in the subform?

If Me.MySubformControlName.Form.Recordset.RecordCount>0 Then

Or to check a row:

If Me.MySubformControlName.txtID ...

Or to check the query:

If DCount("*","qryPendingCriteriaCIP")=0 Then
    MsgBox "No results"
    Me.SearchResults.Form.RecordSource = "qryPendingCriteriaCIP"
End If
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I tried your first way, and If Forms!frm_SearchMulti!SearchResults.Form.RecordCount > 0 Then and got runtime error 2465 both times. – Seth E Feb 7 '13 at 14:29
I updated my question with some of the code which may or may not help. – Seth E Feb 7 '13 at 14:32
Oops, I missed the word recordset, see correction above. – Fionnuala Feb 7 '13 at 14:36

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