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I have seen a clean function defined in many classes of Python but never sees it calling explicitly . For what this clean function is meant for ?

Is this is called automatically like __init__() function ?

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Never seen one, please provide an example. No, I don't think anything named like that is called automatically. – Pavel Anossov Feb 7 '13 at 14:16
Actually that is source code of a website so I won't able to post the part as it has many dependencies in other files. – Manish Sharma Feb 7 '13 at 23:39

No, the .clean() method is specific to Django.

It is not a general Python convention.

It is only used on Model classes, to provide custom model validation or on Form and various Field classes for forms for the same sort of tasks. The Django framework calls these methods when handling form input.

See Form and field validation for more information on when .clean() is called.

See the Model.clean() method documentation to see how this applies to model validation.

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