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Anybody here knows which technology or framework or whatever is being used to present that nice GUI on trello website ?
I'm a little bit outdated about front-end technologies.

Thanks in advance.

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On the front-end, Trello predominately uses jQuery and Backbone.js. All of the modals, menu, and dialog windows are custom. All of the CSS is custom. Trello uses and icon font for icons.

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I don't see any jQuery on the site. Are you seeing some somewhere? –  Dan Esparza Nov 12 '14 at 15:14

Here is a very nice write up of the Trello tech stack from Fog Creek (the creators): The Trello Tech Stack

In a nutshell (if you're too busy to read the article) they use:


  • Backbone (for client-side MVC)
  • HTML5 (for pushState)
  • Mustache (for templating)


  • node.js
  • HAProxy
  • Redis
  • MongoDB
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