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I am using varclus from the Hmisc package in R. Are there ways to produce summary tables from varclus like those is in SAS (e.g. Output 100.1.2 and Output 100.1.3 ) in R. Basically, I would like to know the information that is contained in the plot in a tabular or matrix form. For example: what variables are in what clusters (in SAS cluster structure), proportion of variance they explain, etc.

# varclust example in R using mtcars data
mtc <- mtcars[,2:8]
mtcn <- data.matrix(mtc)
clust <- varclus(mtcn)
#cut_tree <- cutree(varclus(mtcn)$hclust, k=5) # This would show group membership, but only after I chose some a cut point, not what I am after
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I think you are looking for ClustOfVar package in R. Though I am not familiar enough with the package to give a proper answer. –  hardikudeshi Nov 1 '13 at 7:52
This packages has some nice features not readily accessible in hmisc. –  nofunsally Nov 1 '13 at 12:28

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