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I am using OpenBTS software , which is basically extends connectivity to a GSM mobile. There is asterisk 1.8 with OpenBTS software, which acts as proxy and PBX to route GSM calls to different networks like PSTN using a Voip- Gateway. Please understand my setup as i cannot upload the image of my setup.

  1. There is asterisk 1.8 which is giving proxy/PBX support to openBTS.
  2. i can make calls from mobile or SIP phone to Landline phone through PSTN using the VoIP-PSTN gateway.
  3. when i dial Voip-PSTN gateway using GSM mobile , it extends PSTN dial tone on my device (GSM or SIP Phone)
  4. Then i can (send DTMF digits) dial any Landline phone number to establish calls

The problem is 1. I am not successful in sending DTMF digits over the PSTN dial tone using my GSM phone

Question: 1. why the DTMF digits sent from the mobile are not recognized by the asterisk. GSM uses out BAND (rfc 2833) dtmf signalling, where as PSTN dial tone requires In band. It is the responsibility of asterisk to do this matching. why the asterisk is not doing this matching here. what is the setting in asterisk that i am missing?

please give some hints, where the problem is where is the DTMF related configuration described in asterisk 1.8?

advance thanks to all

pk srinivasan

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