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This question may sound incredibly stupid, but if I don't ask I'll never know...

All the tasks setting I do is always by using "crontab". I heard the term "cronjob" somewhere. Is it another tool or just a name for something in "crontab"?

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I was actually looking for an answer for that question. But I know if I do ask it, I'll get -ve votes :( – Muhammad Gelbana Jun 11 '13 at 11:27

A cronjob is just a single entry in a crontab, that's all :).

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The cronjob is what you put into your crontab.

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crontab is the actual command line entry that is used to kick off a cron job (not cronjob).

to create a cron job, do the following

 crontab -e

And then fill in the cron syntax for the scripts/programs you want to run at a specific "cron'ed" interval.

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Try playing in the cron sandbox - lets you try out combinations of crontab timing values and gives you a list of when the job would run.

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