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I'm running a script where I know an alert is going to pop up (mostly) harmlessly that says $x sequence(s) deleted. where $x is some integer. I want to get WebDriver to expect the alert and dispense with it, without failing a test case. For this I'm using $sel->get_alert(). I try passing regex to it like this:

use strict;
use warnings;
$sel->alert_is("id=regexp:/\d+ sequence\(s\) deleted\./");

But the error i get says

Unrecognized escape \d passed through at line 44.
not ok 14 - get_alert, 'id=regexp:'/d+ sequence(s) deleted./'
Failed test 'get_alert, 'id=regexp:'/d+ sequence(s) deleted./''
at line 44.
      got: '0 sequence(s) deleted.'
  expected: 'id=regexp:/'d+ sequence(s) deleted./'

I get similar results when I try a glob instead of regex. If I guess the integer and just pass that like this

$sel->alert_is("0 sequence(s) deleted.");

It works fine, so I'm pretty sure the Selenese is solid. When I Google for a solution I just get a lot of different places where people have copied and pasted the CPAN listing for WWW::Selenium, which doesn't give an example for this.

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What does the error tell you? Unrecognized escape \d. That is because Perl strings don't know the sequence \d, so the backslash is ignored. Strings ne Regexes, which do know that escape. If you want to include a literal backslash in a string, you have to escape it (or use a single-quoted string, where some backslashes are allowed unescaped). Either 'id=regexp:/\d+ sequence\(s\) deleted\./' or "id=regexp:/\\d+ sequence\\(s\\) deleted\\./" has a certain potential to work. – amon Feb 7 '13 at 15:45
Changing to single quotes does take care of the 'Unrecognized escape' error but the test is still failing, saying expected: id=regexp:/\d+ sequence\(s\) deleted\./' I don't want to include any literal backslashes, I want to match "0 sequence(s) deleted." where 0 could be any integer. – kyoob Feb 7 '13 at 16:10
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Well if "you know" the alert is going to popup then why not just use dismiss_alert? From the docs:

Description: Dismisses the currently displayed alert dialog. For comfirm() and prompt() dialogs, this is equivalent to clicking the 'Cancel' button. For alert() dialogs, this is equivalent to clicking the 'OK' button.


Or you can use accept_alert. From the docs:

Description: Accepts the currently displayed alert dialog. Usually, this is equivalent to clicking the 'OK' button in the dialog.

Example: $driver->accept_alert;

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Wow, this question brought back memories! I opened up this script to find I'd solved the issue like so: $sel->get_alert() =~ /\d+ sequence.+/; However, your way works just as well, so I'll go ahead and call this the accepted answer. – kyoob Aug 25 '14 at 20:15

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