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i am using Microsoft.Web.Helpers.FileUpload

        name: "file", 
        initialNumberOfFiles: 1, 
        allowMoreFilesToBeAdded: false, 
        includeFormTag: false, 
        addText: "", 
        uploadText: "Upload Logo"

when i run my application it displays a button saying 'Choose File' and text to the right of the button saying 'No File Chosen' then when i choose a file it replaces the 'No File Chosen' with e.g. 'Example.jpg'

How do i make it so 'No File Chosen' is not displayed?

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Got curious and am looking at the disassembly in reflector now. It would be fantastic if the documented the darn thing wouldn't it? – George Mauer Apr 18 '13 at 17:15

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