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I seem to be having an issue where broadcasts in my node.js app on Heroku don't seem to work when I have more than 1 dyno. As soon as I scale it to 1, it works perfectly. Is there anything I need to know about this? Maybe there is a different way to broadcast to all dynos? Please elt me know if I need to provide more info or code.

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If you're running on multiple dynos/servers then you have to configure to use a non-in-memory session store like the RedisStore. The documentation has details and there's more discussion here.

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Thank you, this finally worked for me. – electrichead Feb 10 '13 at 14:19
Hmm, it seemed to work before but now I see that it works sporadically - sometimes it just gets queued and I get multiple items back all at once. Do you know if there is anything else that needs to be configured or a different call than'some room')? – electrichead Feb 25 '13 at 15:35
This doesn't work for long-polling right? – John Bachir Jan 6 at 23:16

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