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I seem to be stumped on bit of jQuery I'm writing.

This is approximately the code I have so far...

<div class='item_url' style='display:none';>
<a href = 'http://test.com/01'>http://test.com/01</a>
<div>Title 01</div>
<div class='status'></div>

<div class='item_url' style='display:none';>
<a href = 'http://test.com/02'>http://test.com/02</a>
<div>Title 02</div>
<div class='status'></div>

<div class='item_url' style='display:none';>
<a href = 'http://test.com/03'>http://test.com/03</a>
<div>Title 03</div>
<div class='status'></div>

        var getlink = $("div.item_url").text();
        $(".status").load(getlink + #item_status");

I'm trying to...

  1. Grab the link from each div with the class "item_url"
  2. Go to that link and get the content from the div with the id "item_status"
  3. Load the content I received from step 2 and populate the div with the class "status"
  4. And I'm trying to have this loop and cascade the populated data appropriately

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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You need to iterate through the divs, retrieve the link from the text, identify what div.status is next after each div and then load the data into this div.status.

    $("div.item_url").each(function(i,item) {
        // item refers to the next div.item_url found in the DOM
        var getlink = $(item).text();
        // get a reference to the div with class status that follows this div
        var nextStatusDiv = $(item).next(".status");
        $(nextStatusDiv).load(getlink + " #item_status", function() {
            console.log("Loaded item status " + i + " successfully"; // for debug purposes
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