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I brought the question up a few days back on how to output/parse an IP address. Some suggestions were provided, and after a couple days of hitting my head against the wall, attempting the different suggestions, I'm no further. I'm sure the suggestions were OK, but the method in which I was trying to utilize them is where I failed.

So...I'd like to start from just a basic perspective.

        BaseClient bc = null;
            if (m_TCP_Socket == null)
                Console.Write("Client disconnected");

                //Console.WriteLine("New TCP connection made.");

                bc = GetNewClient();
                bc.Socket = m_TCP_Socket.EndAccept(ar);
                lock (m_clients)



I would like for it to simply console out, "New TCP Connection made. IP:###.###.###.###. If you respond, please don't be to presumptuous about what I may know, and not know, as I am student, and trying to learn things.

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stackoverflow.com/a/1904184/1780038 This will solve your problem. –  namespace Feb 7 '13 at 15:34

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It's all in the manual. Socket.EndAccept() returns a Socket, from which you can read the RemoteEndPoint property which will be an IPEndPoint, which has an Address property. I think you're looking for the latter.

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