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I need to serve different files depending on the user-agent. This is an extraordinary basic requirement, one step up from serving files at all.

The standard answer seems to be, use an if statement.

However, it is apparently well-known that if statements shouldn't be used.

So the answer at this moment seems to be Apache, but I told my boss nginx was a usable product. Any suggestions?

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If you read if is evil carefully you'll notice it has the following quote:

The only 100% safe things which may be done inside if in location context are:
return ...;
rewrite ... last; 

Anything else may possibly cause unpredictable behaviour, including potential


the evilness of if is only applicable to use within a location block

inside a location-block there are two, and only two, guaranteed save uses of an if block:

  • one holding a lone return ...; statement
  • one holding a lone rewrite ... last; statement
  • (note that an empty if block can lead to problems also)

non-guaranteed save uses of if in a location block may work, but need to be tested

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That's actually where I started. I couldn't get the lone rewrite to work. Actually, I don't know if I tried the combination of 1 rewrite and the last keyword. The page hinted that nginx will be ready for commercial use with the next release. – Malvolio Feb 7 '13 at 17:10
news.netcraft.com seems to indicate that nginx currently has a 12,64% webserver marketshare, and that's been rising consistenly for a while now. In other words, depending on what you're doing it already is, YMMV naturally – cobaco Feb 7 '13 at 17:16
Ask Netcraft about IE. – Malvolio Feb 7 '13 at 17:19

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