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Is there any chance to avoid ADFS sign in window shown in picture below? I have configured custom STS as claim provider trust on ADFS so I have now two options here. Is there a way to automatically set default value here and skip this page?

enter image description here

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Just to note that this isn't the login page - it is the Home Realm Discovery (HRD) page.

If you have:

<persistIdentityProviderInformation enabled="true" lifetimeInDays="30" />

set in your web.config, it will only ask you once and then remember your selection for the "lifetimeInDays" number of days.

You can alter the HRD page - there are many references to this e.g.

Customizing Client Logon and Home Realm Discovery Pages
ADFS 2.0 Home Realm Discovery Deluxe
Home Realm Discovery In WIF And ADFS 2.0 By Query String

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Where can the web.config file be found? –  Rafael Diaz Nov 7 '13 at 12:46
In IIS under adfs/ls. –  nzpcmad Nov 7 '13 at 17:59

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