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I've got in my .tml file something like this:

<t:beaneditform t:id="adForm" object="editableAd"
                        reorder="actiontype,shops,movies,streams,widgets" ....

My question is how to access (refer) actionType, which is an Enum (and in fact SELECT) in .java file? I just need to handle event when user changes the value of this select (dropdown), obviously before submitting the form itself.

If something like this would work for me...

@OnEvent(component = "adForm.actionType", value=EventConstants.VALUE_CHANGED)
    public void actionTypeValueChanged(String value) {
      log.info("value is: " + value);
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To be updated with the changed value in a Select html component on the client side, have a tapestry select component in your template file with a t:zone attribute (i.e. in your case it could point to any dummy zone, this is only needed to be set correctly if you need to update a zone when a value is changed)

Also set the t:value attribute to your enum variable in your page\component java file, usually this variable will be annotated with tapestry's @Property.


<t:select t:id="myEnumVariable" t:zone="dummyZone" t:value="myEnumVariable"/>

myEnumVariable is used to refer to your class's variable AND to act as an ID (i.e. the actual string myEnumVariable is used as an id), this is not necessary, but it's more readable and maintainable that way)

public class MyClass{
    private MyEnum myEnumVariable;

    @OnEvent(component = "myEnumVariable", value=EventConstants.VALUE_CHANGED)
    public void actionTypeValueChanged(**MyEnum** newValue) {
        this.myEnumVariable = newValue; // <<<<<<
        log.info("value is: " + myEnumVariable );
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Thank you for your answer. I understand the part with OnEvent and Property annotations, where handler is bound to the bean property. That's in the bean class, right? But I don't understand the creation of t:select in .tml file. The thing is that select is created automatically within a beaneditform, based on the enum type of actionType property. So, I don't explicitly define select there. If I run the app just with the Java code changes, nothing happens so far. – MartinC Feb 8 '13 at 8:44
I was able to exclude automatically generated select from the beaneditform and add my own with t:value="actionType". This new select gives me an option to select from ActionType enum, so this is correct. But I don't get event, actionTypeValueChanged() is not called, cause I don't see the log. – MartinC Feb 8 '13 at 9:20
@MartinC, In your first comment "That's in the bean class, right?", this should be in the class representing your tapestry component\page. The only tapestry related code I know that could be placed in a bean class is the @NonVisual (i.e. to stop BeanEditors from considering the annotated member) and @Inject (i.e. to specify a specific constructor for automatic instantiation). I don't know why wouldn't that work with a BeanEditor without throwing errors or at least warnings in the logs. Speaking of the logs, are you saying you don't have access to the logs or that nothing is logged ? – Muhammad Gelbana Feb 8 '13 at 21:14
Hi, your solution works for me, but I had to define explicitly my own select. I still don't know how to handle change in automatically generated dropdown, which is in fact bean property. – MartinC Feb 11 '13 at 8:44
Would you please include your template and java code in your question ? – Muhammad Gelbana Feb 11 '13 at 10:20

If you don't mind using the ChenilleKit framework for tapestry you could try using the framework's OnEvent mixin.

You 'll find the example on the link I share but basically you add two attributes the select tag:

<t:select t:id="myselect" ... t:mixins="ck/OnEvent" t:event="change" />

then you add the event handler on your java class:

@OnEvent(component="myselect", value='change')
public void onChangeDoSomething(String value) {

hope that helps, by the way I think Muhammad's answer is equally correct (and doesn't requires the use of an extra framework).

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Hi, there is no select tag. There is only beaneditform, select is generated automatically by Tapestry from enum, so I don't have any markup for it. I could only exclude it and define my own select, but that's rather weird workaround... – MartinC Feb 10 '13 at 22:58
Sorry, you should redefine (or override) the select property so you can add the t:zone parameter to the select tag, as in the Select api docs says, that's the only way the select component will fire the valuechanged event. – Nicolas Barrera Feb 15 '13 at 13:19
If you don't want to redefine the value the only left is to contribute to BeanBlockSource and defining a new way to render the enum in the beaneditform. In this new definition you could define the t:zone parameter perhaps using the (optional) t:zone paramter of the beaneditform component (where this select is nested) but I really don't know if you 'll have access to the value of the t:zone paramter (maybe if the beanedit form puts it in the Environment). good luck – Nicolas Barrera Feb 15 '13 at 13:25
thank you for your valuable comments. I guess I will come back to this issue when refactoring the code, now, I use the workaround with exclude and add new select, so that works. Time pressure as usual :) But thank you again. – MartinC Feb 20 '13 at 16:12

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