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I have a build step in my build configuration thats runner type "Command Line", running a custom script.

The script is executing Robocopy:

robocopy "%teamcity.build.workingDir%\Code" "\\target\d$\Web\Target Sites" /E /NP /LOG:robocopy.log

"D:\blat.exe" "robocopy.log" -to me@me.com -f me@me.com -subject "Error during robocopy on TEAMCITY" -server mail.me.com

exit /B 0

The Robocopy command is working fine but I keep getting an email and in the build log I keep seeing:

GEQ was unexpected at this time.

The ERRORLEVEL check isn't working for some reason?

I tried IF %ERRORLEVEL% GEQ but this breaks my build has TeamCity expects me to pass a build parameter.

Does this only work as an "Executable with parameters"?


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Neil, you might try escaping the percent sign.


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God bless you John. –  Neil Feb 7 '13 at 17:17
Cheers! This is pretty fortuitous -- some folks I work with were just yesterday trying to figure out how to get robocopy to return a different exit code to TeamCity. :) –  John Hoerr Feb 7 '13 at 17:30
Lol - uncanny, I've just done the same thing. Ended up with EXIT /B 0. Is that how you guys did it? –  Neil Feb 7 '13 at 19:59
Well, at the time we couldn't find any guidance Stackoverflow, so we gave up. I'm forwarding this thread to them though. –  John Hoerr Feb 7 '13 at 20:01
Using TeamCity 8.0.5, I actually had to enter %%%% in the TeamCity Command line runner interface, which became %% in the temporary .cmd file created - i.e. escape by using four %s per % in the command. –  Chris Mar 5 at 10:33

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