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I am new to God. I am trying to using God to monitor unicorn process on which my rails application runs.

Here's my God file:

rails_env = ENV["RAILS_ENV"]
APP_ROOT = '/home/deployer/deploy/myproject'
RAILS_ROOT = "#{APP_ROOT}/current" do |w| = "myproject"
  w.interval = 30.seconds
  w.dir = RAILS_ROOT

  w.start = "cd #{RAILS_ROOT} && bundle exec unicorn_rails -E #{rails_env} -c #{RAILS_ROOT}/config/unicorn.rb -D"
  w.stop = "kill -s QUIT `cat #{RAILS_ROOT}/tmp/pids/`"
  w.restart = "kill -s USR2 `cat #{RAILS_ROOT}/tmp/pids/`"

  w.start_grace = 20.seconds
  w.restart_grace = 20.seconds
  w.pid_file = "#{RAILS_ROOT}/tmp/pids/"
  w.log = "#{RAILS_ROOT}/log/unicorn.god.log"

  w.uid = 'deployer'
  w.gid = 'staff'


  w.start_if do |start|
    start.condition(:process_running) do |c|
      c.interval = 5.seconds
      c.running = false

  w.restart_if do |restart|
    restart.condition(:memory_usage) do |c|
      c.above = 300.megabytes
      c.times = [3, 5] # 3 out of 5 intervals

    restart.condition(:cpu_usage) do |c|
      c.above = 50.percent
      c.times = 5

end end

But when I dry-run to test if the config file is valid with god -c config/unicorn.god -D, I get the following error:

$ god -c config/unicorn.god -D
I [2013-02-07 23:51:23]  INFO: Loading config/unicorn.god
I [2013-02-07 23:51:23]  INFO: Syslog enabled.
I [2013-02-07 23:51:23]  INFO: Using pid file directory: /home/deployer/.god/pids
E [2013-02-07 23:51:23] ERROR: PID file directory '/home/deployer/deploy/myproject/current/tmp/pids' is not writable by deployer
E [2013-02-07 23:51:23] ERROR: Log directory '/home/deployer/deploy/myproject/current/log' is not writable by deployer
E [2013-02-07 23:51:23] ERROR: Task 'myproject' is not valid (see above)

But actually I have the permission to those two dirs with user deployer:

~/deploy/myproject/current$ ls -l
lrwxrwxrwx 1 deployer staff   42 Feb  7 23:24 log -> /home/deployer/deploy/myproject/shared/log

~/deploy/myproject/current/tmp$ ls -l
lrwxrwxrwx 1 deployer staff   43 Feb  7 23:24 pids -> /home/deployer/deploy/myproject/shared/pids

and the god process is also running under deployer:

$ ps -ef | grep god
deployer   381     1  5 00:20 pts/0    00:00:00 /usr/local/rvm/gems/ruby-1.9.3-p327-falcon@global/bin/god

Why is that?

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have you find a solution ? I have the exact same issue ... – Arkan Apr 15 '13 at 11:57

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I had a similar problem. When I removed the w.gid line, things started working fine.

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