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I recently upgraded my FuelPHP to v1.5. Now I'm trying to set up the pagination class.

This is my code:

$data['news'] = Model_News::find()->where('font', '>', -1);
        $count = count($data['news']);

        $config = array(
                'pagination_url' => 'http://localhost/public/mobile/barbecue/',
                'total_items'    => $count,
                'per_page'       => 12,
                'uri_segment'    => 3,

        $pagination = Pagination::forge('mypagination', $config);

        $data['news'] = Model_News::find()->where('font', '>', -1)->order_by(array('date' => 'desc'))->limit($pagination->per_page)->offset($pagination->offset)->get();
        $data['pagination'] = $pagination->render();
        $this->template->title = "Teams";
        $this->template->content = View::forge('news/index', $data);

I made a copy of the core/config/pagination.php to app/config/pagination.php. And on my view news/index.php the pagination is seted: <?php echo $pagination ?>

Result:the information obtained by the query are displayed normally, but the string $ pagination returns nothing. Fuel displays no error.

What I do? Thanks.

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In your view, print the pagination with:

<?php echo \Pagination::create_links(); ?>

instead of

<?php echo $pagination ?>
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For FuelPHP v1.5+, that would be

<?php echo $pagination->render(); ?>
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In new version of Fuelphp, do this changes in view:

echo html_entity_decode($pagination);

And update the pagination config file. Below are some change given.

'previous-marker'         => "<",
'next-marker'             => ">"
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