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I have this problem in many of my projects. I added many update panels to various section of page, each containing an update progress with a "Loading..." text and image. Whenever I click a button in one update panel, all the update progress panels of the page becomes visible. Can anyone tell me why this happens? Why can't only the update progress of the update panel in which the operation is performed can be shown and all other update progress remain invisible?Is it a default behavior of asp.net's update panel and update progress? Or I am missing something?

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Look at the UpdatePanel UpdateMode property:

  1. If set to always (I think it is, because it is the default), the panel will update its content on every post on the page.

  2. If set to conditional, the content of the panel will be updated when a condition is met. By default events triggered by the UpdatePanel childs will trigger an update, you can change this behavior setting ChildrenAsTriggers to false, but you will need to declare a trigger in the Triggers section of the UpdatePanel, referencing the objects and events that will trigger the UpdatePanel update or you can programmatically call an update by using the UpdatePanel.Update() method.

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I tried that but no change.. –  Shiva Pareek Feb 7 '13 at 17:14
What have you tried? Can you post a example? Do you have any elements with autoPostBack set to true? –  lolol Feb 7 '13 at 19:23

Try setting the 'AssociatedUpdatePanelId' property of the PanelProgress control with the ID of the UpdatePanel you want to target.

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