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I'm using Slidemenu from jfeinstein10's GitHub repo. I'm currently using the switchFragment method from him to exchange the above fragment. The code currently is loosely based on the responsive ui sample.

private void switchFragment(Fragment fragment) {
    if (getActivity() == null)

    if (getActivity() instanceof BaseActivity) {
        BaseActivity ra = (BaseActivity) getActivity();

It works fine, but I got the idea that each above fragment should have a viewpager (everyone with different tabs). Something like this:


So for a viewpager I need to convert the fragments to a FragmentActivity. What's the best way to do this?


What have I tried? First I searched through stackoverflow and through the slidemenu github for similar problems. Then I tried the stupid way to convert the fragments to FragmentActivity and just fix the code (error wise). However I received some nasty errors and somehow the code was ugly afterwards. So I hope someone here with more expertise in Android knows how this could be done more elegantly.

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Nevermind. Fixed it. I used intent to start the FragmentActivity and extended the ViewPager with BaseActivity.

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can I have the code dude ? –  Abdul Wahab May 4 at 21:47
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