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Can anyone tell how Adobe Acrobat 9 was made? I like the look and feel of the GUI and I'm curious how it was made. Specifically, what programming language was used to make it?

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All of Adobe's major products are written in C++. Although they're mostly written using proprietary toolkits, Adobe has actually open-sourced some of their common low-level libraries. You can read more about them, and download them yourself, at Adobe's Software and Technology Lab (STLab). One of their libraries, Adam and Eve, I find especially interesting and generally useful.

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You mean you have used Adam & Eve in your own projects? Wasn't it hard to integrate their codebase with your own code? –  StackedCrooked Oct 24 '09 at 2:52
I have not used Adam and Eve in any commercial product; just for tinkering around. In that context, integrating into a code base wasn't an issue, since the only code base I had was that one. –  Benjamin Pollack Oct 26 '09 at 17:44

I believe it was programmed in C++ using the Evil framework.

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