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According to this page, "right-click the project and select Publish (or Publish Web Site for web site projects) to open the Publish Web wizard". What then comes up looks nothing like what is shown on that page, instead I get this: enter image description here which looks nothing like the "Publish Web wizard" described on the MS page. I have tried many of the options on that page, none of them lead to asking me to import my host's "publish profile".

Is there another way I can get to the Publish Web wizard so I can import my host's "publish profile"?

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Can you show where you are right-clicking? –  Andrew Clear Feb 7 '13 at 17:51

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Try install this update: http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/jj161045

I had the same problem. This worked for me.

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AFAIK, the Publish Web wizard (just like the one that is shown in the link you provided) is only available for Web application projects, not for Web Site projects, whereas the screenshot in your original question is the tool provided in Visual Studio to publish web sites. In my case, I found it useful to convert the web site project to a web application project following the suggestions given here and explained in detail at the LearnAsp4.com site. Hope it helps someone :).

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