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I am a newbie to php. I am working on a existing wordpress site. I want to print the values of a variable $post as output. What is the equivalent of Java's System.out.print in php.

While googling i found the same, system.out.print for php but its not working.

-- Thanks

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I think you're looking for echo $post... – jacktheripper Feb 7 '13 at 17:26
Hint: you want to print something... – Tchoupi Feb 7 '13 at 17:26

You can use echo to print something: docs

$_POST is an array, if you want to examine its value for debug purposes use var_dump (docs):


To access array's elements, use square brackets: $_POST['index']. PHP arrays may be associative, which means they are indexed not only by numbers, but also by strings. $_POST is a pure associative array, indexed only with strings.

To print POST parameter called username use this code:

echo $_POST['username'];



Both will work because echo is not a function, but a language construct (see docs linked above).

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printf("var = %s", $var);


echo $var;

or (for objects, arrays, etc)




Check php.net for more!

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PHP's echo construct is probably what you want.

<?php echo $_POST['variable']; ?>

where variable is the name of the form element.

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