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on my main page i have js function

function loadNext(last){
    var index = parseInt($("#contentSupplier table tr:last td:first").html()) + 1;
    $.get("suppliernext.php?index=" + index + "&" + "last=" + last,      $("#supplierForm").serialize(), function(data){
        $("#contentSupplier table tr:last").after(data);


and on page that is loaded suppliernext.php i have this code

    $("#loadnext").attr('onclick', 'loadNext(<?=$ps?>)');
 if($i >= $rowcount)
    echo "$('#loadnext').hide();";

this changes button on click function on the first page.
ie7 executes this code but does not change the oncick function

in ie8 chrome and mozzila it is working correctly. how can i make it work in ie7?

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By the way, always use parseInt with the base 10: parseInt(value, 10) - there are input strings that are not interpreted with base 10... e.g. parseInt("010") is 8! – Mörre Noseshine Feb 7 '13 at 18:01

Do not set onclick with attr! Use on()

$("#loadnext").off('click').on('click', function() {loadNext(<?=$ps?>);});
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You might want to .off('click') first so you don't fire multiple loadNextes – hank Feb 7 '13 at 17:51

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