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I am using the updated Reachability library to test whether the internet connexion is reachable. I try to Log a message in case the internet is not reachable, but the Log doesn't debug:

//Test the internet connection
Reachability* reach = [Reachability reachabilityForInternetConnection];
reach.unreachableBlock = ^(Reachability*reach)
    NSLog(@"Internet connexion unreachable");//Although Internet cnx is off, this message is not displayed

// start the notifier which will cause the reachability object to retain itself!
[reach startNotifier];

Am I misunderstanding the Reachability library? How to perform a given task when Internet is off? Thanx.

P.S: My iPad is only wifi, without 3G service.

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Actually, you should register for a notification to receive changed reachibility :

[[NSNotificationCenter defaultCenter] addObserver: self selector: @selector(reachabilityChanged:) name: kReachabilityChangedNotification object: nil];

Look at Apple example here :

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Hi, Thanx for your reply. Actually I found getting obliged to use @selector is sometimes useless. Please have a look on my answer, it works fine and do exactly what I want. – Malloc Feb 7 '13 at 20:36

Ok, so best way I got is following Apple sample code:

   //Test the internet connection
   Reachability* reach = [Reachability reachabilityForInternetConnection];

   NetworkStatus netStatus = [reach currentReachabilityStatus];
   //See if the reachable object status is "ReachableViaWifi"
if (netStatus!=ReachableViaWiFi) {
    //If not
    NSLog(@"wifi unavailable");
    //Alert the user about the Internet cnx
    WBErrorNoticeView *notice = [WBErrorNoticeView errorNoticeInView:self.view title:@"Network Error" message:@"Check your internet connection."];
    notice.sticky = NO;
    [notice show];
    return;//Exit the method
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