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I can use some types, examples, suggestions, etc. for creating a wizard-like user interface that provides feedback to the user as a long-running process executes. Let me try and explain (please ask if anything is unclear):

The user will configure a set of properties in the UI, then initiates a process that performs a pseudo-workflow based on the configured values. Rather than simply putting up a "Please Wait" message for the several minutes that the operation is running, we want to display a UI that indicates...um, status and progress information. (I hesitate to use those words to describe it because this is not a simply status and progress bar UI.)

The UI will display a different view for each "step" in the process. Each "step" may actually perform several actions. We want to display the status of each "step" and the actions it is performing as they are completed. There may also be some other busy-type animations on the display, so the key takeaway is that the UI thread must be left to support the UI and not tied up by the process.

Here is an example of a simple view that we may display for a single "step":

enter image description here

When this "step" is activated, the UI should switch to this view which will initially display a description at the top and a list of the actions this step will perform. As each action is completed, its success or failure is indicated as shown. When the next "step" is activated, the UI will change views again. Note that the sample is just that, each view may be entirely different in appearance and be much more complicated than the illustration.

I have a version of this working using the TPL to manage the background operations with a ContentControl in the UI bound to a property representing the active "step" and DataTemplates for the individual views but handling the interaction between the threads is resulting in a ton of logic and code which makes me think that I am accomplishing this the hard way.

I would appreciate any guidance that may help me get this up and running without the UI lock-ups, cross-thread exceptions, etc. that I am fighting through currently.

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If all comms with UI is performed with PostMessage(), or wrapper thereof, there should be no UI lock-ups, cross-thread exceptions and the like. –  Martin James Feb 7 '13 at 18:29
PostMessage? I don't recall anything in WPF by that name. Are you referring to Dispatcher? –  SonOfPirate Feb 7 '13 at 18:55

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