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I have one application that has been ported to Android and iOS using Xamarin solutions Mono for Android and MonoTouch. This has been made because in this way I can use the same encryption libraries to connect all these platforms with a C# web service that decrypt the received data without the need of HTTPS.

Is there any solution using C# that can be ported to Blackberry? Would the Blackberry 10 OS capability yo port Android apps a solution for this problem?

BTW do not asnwer me with the solution of migrating to a HTTPS capable web service. Thanks in advance...

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Answer is yes and no.

Yes. Generally, you can port Android apps to Blackberry 10. You can use provided tools to check for compatibility.

But, unfortunately you cannot port Mono for Android apps to BB 10 yet. Because

Apps that utilize native code bundled into their APK file

is currently not supported by BB 10 which is the way how Mono for Android works, this is the 'No` answer.

However, good news is there is a cool open source work to allow you develop native BB 10 apps in C#.

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Has this situation changed with the recent support for Jellybean in BB 10.2.1? – Marchy May 5 '14 at 20:37

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