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I'm trying to plug the PushPlugin plugin (http://goo.gl/xn8z4) in to my Android PhoneGap application.

I'm getting stuck at this point here http://goo.gl/b03fs. I'm 80-93% confident that I have the Java source in the right place.

Java's trying to import org.apache.cordova.example.R but can't seem to find it. I'm suspicious that as soon as it starts importing it, I'm golden.

I'm working with the Cordova 2.2 jar/classes.

Here's where I'm seeing the package import failure: http://goo.gl/U3VlI

This is where the code is trying to talk to the object from the package that's failing to load http://goo.gl/LJbLb

It feels like this is a simple solution, but again, my skull appears to be excessively thick this afternoon.

Thanks for taking a look.

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Boy, how I wish I had attempted this earlier: the solution to this one was to update the Cordova(PhoneGap) library to v 2.3.

There's a bloody spot on my head and nearby wall that I hope this post can help someone else sidestep.

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