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I have a simple app built with AngularJS:

var App = angular.module('myApp', [], function($window) {
  // settings..
   $(window).on('resize', function(event) {

I have a directive, panel, with the following controller:

function($scope, $element) {    
        $title = $element.find('.panel-title'),
        $content = $element.find('.panel-content'),
        margin = 20
        .height($(window).height() - $title.height() - margin);

    $scope.$on('windowResize', function(obj) {
        var height = obj.height - $title.height()  - margin;

All works perfectly the first time. When the controller changes, however, I get problems like TypeError: Cannot read property '$$childHead' of null, but I can get the error.

The problem is with $scope.$on. How can I remove this before destroying the $scope (when the controller changes)?

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Not sure how you are "changing the controller", but $destroy event may be useful. – Tosh Feb 7 '13 at 23:31
i have a $routeProvider each route has a controller when i say change controller is 'cos change the route – rkmax Feb 8 '13 at 5:15

The $on function returns a deregister function. So you can store that function in a variable and then call the function when you need to deregister the event.

var deregisterWindowResize = $scope.$on('windowResize', function callback(args){...});

$scope.$on('$destory', deregisterWindowResize);

More info here

You could make a function/service if you need to use this often, something like the following would work.

function weakBind(scope, eventName, callback){
    var deregister = scope.$on(eventName, callback);
    scope.$on('$destroy', deregister);
    return deregister;

weakBind($scope, 'windowResize', function(obj) {
    var height = obj.height - $title.height()  - margin;
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You could try hook the $destroy event, and then use .$off

for example:

var onWindowResize = function(obj) {
    var height = obj.height - $title.height()  - margin;

$scope.$on('windowResize', onWindowResize);
$scope.$on('$destroy', function(){
    $'windowResize', onWindowResize);
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