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I'm using fullCalendar and have it so that when an events is clicked the qTip is generated (showing a bunch of details about that element). I want to have a few links within the qTip that are based on the element being clicked (thus, dynamic links). The links will provide a way to edit the underlying database record which the fullCalendar event is based on. I'd like to have some call back way of handling this.

Here's how I build my qTip in fullCalendar:

   eventRender: function(event, element) {
          content: {
            text: "Loading WO info...",
            ajax: {
              url: "/schedule/get-wo-details/",
              type: 'GET',
              data: { woID: event.woID },
              dataType: 'json',
              success: function(data, status) {
                var content = "<table class='qtip-table'>"
                content += "<table>...add content here...";
                content += "<center>";
                // Here are my links...
                content += "<a href='#'>Unschedule</a> | ";
                content += "<a id='qtip-link' href='#'>Edit Note</a>";
                content += "</center>";
                this.set('content.text', content);
          show: {
            event: 'click',
          hide: {
            fixed: true,
            delay: 1000
          position: {
            viewport: $("#calendar"),
            effect: false,
            at: "left-center",
            my: "right-center"

I'm wondering if I can do something like:

    // Do some ajax magic here...

This, so I've found out, doesn't work. How might I go about achieving this? It seems like a simple thing to do but can't seem to put together a decent Google search query to find the answer.


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Try adding the click event handler in eventAfterRender, or using jQuery's on or live handler to add handlers to dynamically created links

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You can bind double click on rendered event:

eventRender: function(event, element) {
        content: event.description,
    element.bind('dblclick', function() {
        //put there some code for
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I'm not sure how this helps. Why would I make a double click event? I want to have a couple of links in the qTip window that are dynamically based on the event that was clicked. Sorry, I think I may be missing something with your answer. –  Garfonzo Feb 12 '13 at 17:47
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I believe I figured it out. In my eventRender method where I create the qTip itself, I have the following code:

var e = event.woID;
content += "<a href='#' onclick=unscheduleEvent('" + e + "')>Unschedule</a> | ";

That simply creates a variable equal to some data I stored in the event when I generate the calendar. The content is the HTML to go into the qTip - so I add a link using my variable to pass to the onClick event.

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