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How can I get the role description from the ASP.NET membership database, other than querying the database directly?

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I did look around using Reflector but didn't see any method that returns the description. The method CreateRole() only takes the rolename. Even the stored procedure aspnet_Roles_GetAllRoles only returns the name. I'm afraid you'll need to query the aspnet_Roles table directly

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msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa478950.aspx says description is currently unused. –  Greg Oct 6 '09 at 16:42

To provide details, because the Description field is not natively supported, when defining roles, I supplied a custom database call taking advantage of the description field in the aspnet_Roles table created.

Specifically, I created the role using the built-in ASP.net CreateRole method

Roles.CreateRole("CREATED ROLE");

and then used direct SQL to update the ASP table using the following SQL command.

UPDATE dbo.aspnet_Roles SET [Description]='MY ROLE DESCRIPTION' WHERE RoleName='CREATED ROLE'

When I need to use the role description, I do a select

SELECT [Description] FROM dbo.aspnet_Roles where RoleName='CREATED ROLE'
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