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I am interested in particular information in the .pcap (Frame control field). I want to extract it to a text file and then do graph plotting using the extracted data. I can do export to text file using wireshark but I am looking for automating the process.

As of now I know that Tshark can be used to convert .pcap to text files but then it outputs the whole packet. Instead I am interested in only one particular information.

Is there some nice way to do this.

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Is there some nice way to do this.

Could be.

If the field you wish to extract has a filter, the you can use tshark to output just that field using the -T and -e switches;

tshark -Tfields -e tcp.port -r ....

See tshark -h for details...

To use wireshark to see the name for a field, click on the field in the details pane and then note the field name shown in the bottom status bar.

Which field(s) specifically do you want ? from what protocol ?

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I will look into it. I have a .pcap file of 802.11 packets and want to extract frame control information. –  Aman Deep Gautam Feb 8 '13 at 9:37
The 802.11 Frame Control field is called wlan.fc, so try tshark -Tfields -e wlan.fc -r ..... –  Guy Harris Feb 9 '13 at 4:39

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