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I have inherited this c# solution that includes an ix installer project (a bunch of .wxs files and some c# files). The uninstaller is generating an error message.

I haven't a clue what this installer project is. What are the .wxs files for? I can guess (and have successfully been able to fix some issues with the installer. I have figured out how the custom actions are set up and called etc.

But the bug in question would be so much easier to debug if I could step through it in the debugger - how do I do that?

Generally: How do I hook up the Visual Studio 2008 debugger with the installer project ("Set as Startup Project" is not an option in the Solution Explorer, tried that).?

Specifically: How do I debug the uninstaller? The way I see it, the uninstaller will have to use a dll not residing in the project folder (where?) and thus not really known to Visual Studio at all...

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Maybe this article on MSDN will help.

I haven't done it recently but I think that if you add anywhere in the code Debugger.Break() statement, you will get a prompt during the install to debug the process and then you can step through it.

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One of the pages that look promising is the WixWiki.

I found this on the wikipedia page for WiX.

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