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I'm having to change a video from an ollllddd project. It was built using the AS3 FLVPlayback Component. The video back then were FLV and streamed fine from out limelight server.

The new videos I received are h264 MP4s and are NOT streaming. Has anyone been able to successfully STREAM mp4 files using the FLVPlayback component?

I never use this component anymore. I have since moved onto OSMF player and I can stream MP4s no problem

Edit: This program is rather large and is highly dependent on the FLVPlayback component so swapping it out isn't an option right now.

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I've figured it out. The URL is way different. Should have known because its the same format as the OSMF player. The URL has to be formatted like so:


note the location of mp4: rather than in front of or after just the filename

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