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I have this routes

resources :childs do
  resources :draws
resources :draws

How can I write a single _form.htm.erb for adding and editing draws?

I mean, from new_draw_path I would use form_for(@draw) and then select the child with helper

and from new_child_draw_path I would use form_for([@child,@draw]) selecting child from params

How could I combine both approaches in a single view or helper ?

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url_for disregards nils in an array so [@variable_that_is_nil, @draw] is the same as [@draw] or just @draw. so it is fine to use [@child, @draw] in form_for. You just have to add some conditionals inside the form to have a select for a list of children (might be confusing but I'm referring to the list of child ids to select from) if @child is not declared.

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It works perfect with this approach. Thanks a lot –  Marlon Mendez Feb 16 '13 at 14:52

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