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There are plenty of good mapping libraries like default MapKit or Route-Me or MapBox. What I need is a mechanism, that will help me to display a world map with some graphics or text marks on it, but I don't need to go further than country view. The requirements are:

  • List item
  • free
  • customizable (change color, texts)
  • able to draw some element on country (draw(SomeCountry, SomeGraphics)
  • able to highlight some part (highlight(SomeCountry))
  • able to work offline (or load maps once)

I see two possible variants: - to find a lib, that will fit all this requirement (remember: level of details more than on courtiers level is redundant). In this case, could you please recommend such one? - to use some vector image (SVG for example) and find a tool that will minimize effort to implement functionality mentioned above (draw over, highlight). Also, what lib could you recommend?

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Take a look at WhirlyGlobe:


This IS the country level cool looking view you are looking for.

enter image description here

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